Grant, which covers all costs of entry into the US


Every year thousands of students go abroad to study. Many students annually go to study in the United States. However, many scares application process, gathering documents and payment of fees the applicator. In general, the process proceeds to the American universities is fundamentally different from the admission to various European universities. Not many people know that the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US State Department is actively helping students from other countries, not only to learn more about studying in the US and custom dissertation writing services, but also cover all costs for admission. We will prove that everyone has a chance to enter the US university to get to the place of training for free and even get money for improvement for the first time.

The program «Opportunity» supports talented foreign students who wish to enroll in American universities, but do not have sufficient funds for training. With the help of this program, you will be able to cover the costs of:

1. International exams. The program covers not only the cost of TOEFL exams, GMAT, GRE, etc., but also transport costs. That is, if you live in another city, you pay the road to the nearest test center.
2. Applicative contributions. The program covers the cost of filing an application for admission, the average is $ 200 in a single institution.
3. Visa fees and the SEVIS. You will not only pay the cost of the visa, and travel expenses to the place of the interview, if the embassy is located in another city.
4. Transport costs to the place of study in the United States. You pay for a ticket to the United States, to the location of your university or college.
5. Payments for the resettlement in the United States. You will receive finance to pay for the dormitory at the campus in America.

Firstly, the participants of the programs «Fulbright», «Muskie» and the students studying now in the US higher education or have already completed them, have no right to «Opportunity» Grants.
If you have been given a grant, in any case can not break the terms of delivery of tests and deadlines for submission of documents.
Children who have received a grant to note that this program allows everyone to study in the US, regardless of his social status and get an unforgettable experience of studying abroad.
It’s easy to prove that you are not able to cover the costs and to receive a grant. Required financial documents, certificates of employment, which is often enough to take a positive decision.
You will be offered training to learn more about education in the United States. You will be able to attend lectures at the US Embassy and go online courses to learn more about scholarships and grants, education levels in America and be fully prepared for the study.

If you could not get a grant «Opportunity», you can still cover the cost of applying for admission. Universities and colleges in the USA are of the opinion that education should be accessible to all. You can write an e-mail to the university selection committee and ask you to make a Fee Waiver. You fill in the form and you can apply for free. If you are applying in 5 high schools and everywhere ask Fee Waiver, you can save $ 1,000.

As you can see, we have debunked the myth that you need to have a lot of money to study in the US. Everything depends on you!
In addition, everybody dreams to get high education in the USA, don’t lose your chance to be among American students.
About Author: Mila Nanson is a freelance writer, who creates papers about education and student life. Her writing blog is extremely popular among the students and young people, who are willing to get high education.