MacKeeper – legitimate software or fraud?

In the modern digital era, software companies should do their best to be credible, trustworthy, and transparent when it comes to selling and marketing their products. If you browse the Internet for reviews of a specific software product, you will find hundreds of reviews, among which are both positive and negative reviews. Fleshing out useful information and detecting fakes can be quite a challenging task. MacKeeper is a good example of such “controversial” software product.

When it comes to sharing their experience with specific products, users tend to be rather one-sided. Of course it could be understood. People have no time to figure out what went wrong or listen to excuses. They see that the product has many negative reviews, they never read these reviews, and they just decide for themselves that this software could not be trusted. However, digging a bit deeper can reveal some interesting facts.

As for MacKeeper – many resources discuss its legitimacy. Unfortunately, the app seems to have gained quite a bad reputation in the Internet. People are complaining about its ads and are even saying that it is malware. They are not even convinced by reviews and awards at trusted sources and Mac user communities. All of this started approximately when MacKeeper added a new antivirus feature and began advertising it. People thought that it was something like the MacDefender malware and started spreading the news that MacKeeper was scam.

However, there are some obvious reasons which prove that MacKeeper is not scam:

“Human Inside” functionality. MacKeeper hires Apple Certified Professionals that work with users remotely and help them with various problems that may occur on their Macs. It would sound ridiculous if scammers employed Apple Certified Professionals to support their scam activities.

Partnership with an independent security researcher. In January 2016, information of MacKeeper customers appeared to be insecure, and this vulnerability was discovered by Chris Vickery. MacKeeper offered Chris partnership, and how he is a head of the Analytical and Security Center and writes for MacKeeper blog.

Ability to turn off the ads. Recently MacKeeper has added an option for its users to turn off the pop-up ads in the software.

More About MacKeeper

MacKeeper is an all-in-one solution for the Mac OS X, which offers the following features:

Find & Fix. Find & Fix is a service where you scan your system for various types of issues – security, optimization, cleaning – and send the scan results to an Apple Certified Professional who then can analyze these results and give recommendations on how to deal with the found issues.

Geek on Demand. Unlike Find & Fix, this is not an instant 24/7 service. You can leave your Mac-related question and an expert will answer within 48 hours.

Anti-Theft. If your Mac gets lost or stolen, you can track it down from your iPhone and get a location report together with the thief’s iSight photo. Moreover, you can remotely lock your Mac via the same iPhone app, so that no one can use your Mac and access your personal data.

Safe Browsing. Provides real-time protection against the Internet threats, such as malware, spyware, phishing attacks, identity theft, credit card fraud, unsafe downloads, and more.

Fast Cleanup. A bundle of several cleanup utilities: Binaries Cutter, Cache Cleaner, Languages Cutter, and Logs Cleaner. They analyze various sources of junk files on your Mac and enable the user to remove them with just a couple of clicks.

Memory Cleaner. With this tool, you can clean your Mac’s RAM that is consumed by resource-intensive apps.

Smart Uninstaller. Completely removes the unneeded apps together with all of their components, leaving behind no leftovers.

Disk Usage. Shows a graphical overview of all files on your Mac, with the largest files marked with red. You can remove those files if you no longer need them, and they take up too much disk space.

Duplicates Finder. By using Duplicates Finder, you can locate and remove the file copies that you no longer need.

Data Encryptor. A tool for those who value their privacy. You can hide and encrypt your sensitive data with powerful encryption algorithms. As a result, these files will not be visible to anyone except you.

Shredder. If you delete some sensitive data, you can make its recovery impossible by shredding it.

Files Recovery. Recovers files that were removed and trashed by accident, not only from your Mac, but also from external data storage media.

Backup. Creates reserve copies of files and folders both on your Mac and on external media. Unlike Time Machine, which can back up only the entire hard drive, MacKeeper’s Backup can back up individual files and folders.

Update Tracker. Checks for updates all apps that are installed on your Mac.

Default Apps. Assigns apps to specific filename extensions, so that these files could be opened by these apps by default.

Login Items. Speeds up the login of your Mac by disabling apps that open upon startup but you don’t need them on startup.

To sum up, it is obvious that MacKeeper is not a fraudulent app. It was just unlucky to get its reputation spoiled, but it seems that they are working hard to recover from this bad luck.