Shrewsbury school

Courses are taught on the basis of the students abilities. So the student can choose English or French at a high level of difficulty and math on a lighter level, if it is given more difficult.

Each boy has his own academic leader who “assigned” to the residence. It keeps track of all the school work. The schedule of each student is provided the time to meet with an academic supervisor. These meetings in small groups discuss current results and general questions about education, including issues of social education.

At the beginning of the summer term provided for parents’ meeting, the overall achievements and results are discussed. Also – this time to discuss and pre-select items the next phase of training, which ends exams and obtain a certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).


Among the compulsory subjects students study – English, math, French, physics, chemistry and biology. These subjects are supplemented by 3 groups of subjects to choose from, including Latin and ancient civilization, Greek, German, Spanish, history, geography, religion, art, design and music.

Subjects studied in a choice of over 2 years of preparation for GCSE. In addition to the items that will be on the final exam, students are taught religion, physical education and information technology.

Cambridge Pre-U

Program Cambridge Pre-U appeared in the UK in 2088 as an alternative to A-Level. Several schools have launched this program in some subjects, so Shrewsbury School offers instruction in French and physics. In the case of the French all the students studying in Pre-U program with regard to physics, you can select training within the Pre-U and A-Level ..

Sports and extracurricular activities

Shrewsbury School pays special attention to sports training students who regularly occupy a leading place in the competition, though there has never been a thought like “pay someone to do my homework”.


“Musical opportunities for students in Shrewsbury unique. Huge selection of music styles and equipped with the best in the country.”

The music department in Shrewsbury Prince of Wales was opened in 2001, it is now here has its own concert hall and recording studio. The school is particularly encouraging versatile musical education: students can now disassemble the Tchaikovsky symphony, singing in the cathedral tomorrow, and the next day to play at a rock concert. The best students often choose a professional music career. The school prides itself on being ready to offer the enthusiastic music students learning almost any musical instrument.

About the Author: Harward Tomder is a teacher. He is from Washington.